Presidential Super PACs

Super PAC name Supports/Opposes Connection to Candidate Contributions Reported to FEC Independent Expenditures
Restore Our Future

Restore Our Future:

supports Romney Charles R. Spies, Carl Forti, Larry McCarthy $12,231,700 $17,485,657
Our Destiny PAC

Our Destiny PAC:

supports Huntsman Fred Davis, Jon Huntsman Sr. None $2,453,204
Priorities USA Action

Priorities USA Action:

supports Obama Bill Burton, Sean Sweeney $3,161,535 $321,229
Red, White and Blue Fund

Red, White and Blue Fund:

supports Santorum $0 $1,954,533

opposes Perry $0 $0
Texans for America's Future

Texans for America's Future:

opposes Perry $0 $0
Keep Conservatives United

Keep Conservatives United:

supports Bachmann $0 $0
Revolution PAC

Revolution PAC:

supports Paul Joe Becker, Paul Langford $0 $125,946
Texas Aggies for Perry 2012

Texas Aggies for Perry 2012:

supports Perry $0 $0
Solutions 2012

Solutions 2012:

supports Gingrich Charlie Smith $0 $0
Republican Truth Squad

Republican Truth Squad:

opposes Romney $0 $0
Winning Our Future

Winning Our Future:

supports Gingrich Becky Burkett, Rick Tyler, Sheldon Adelson $0 $8,511,433
Americans for Rick Perry

Americans for Rick Perry:

supports Perry Nate Crain $193,000 $0
Citizens for Working America PAC

Citizens for Working America PAC:

supports Romney $858 $455,000
Jobs for Florida*

Jobs for Florida:

supports Perry $0 $0
Jobs for Iowa*

Jobs for Iowa:

supports Perry $136,000 $0
Jobs for South Carolina*

Jobs for South Carolina:

supports Perry $0 $0
Veterans for Rick Perry*

Veterans for Rick Perry:

supports Perry Dan Shelley $16,625 $0
Make Us Great Again

Make Us Great Again:

supports Perry Mike Toomey, Brint Ryan $0 $3,959,824
Freedom and Liberty PAC

Freedom and Liberty PAC:

supports Johnson Kelly Casaday $0 $0
Endorse Liberty Inc

Endorse Liberty Inc:

supports Paul $0 $3,307,013
Ron Paul Volunteers PAC

Ron Paul Volunteers PAC:

supports Paul $0 $0
Leaders for Families Super PAC

Leaders for Families PAC:

supports Santorum $0 $218,411
Strong America Now

Strong America Now:

supports Gingrich $0 $189,459
Santa Rita SuperPAC

Santa Rita SuperPAC:

supports Paul $0 $317,541
Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow

Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow:

supports Cain, opposes Romney, Gingrich $0 $90,100
Total spent so far: $39,389,354
* These super PACs have filed termination reports with the FEC.

Updated 10:00 a.m. Jan. 30